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Compositing Reel | Fortnite

Compositing Reel | The Rainbow Dung Beetle

Compositing Portfolio

Job responsibility:

  • Cleaning up, combining, and compositing Fortnite marketing assets.

  • Generating final renders for approval while maintaining aesthetic continuity across all deliverables.

The Rainbow Dung Beetle | 2022 Student Film

  • Co-directed and animated a 6-minute 2D animated senior thesis film at Chapman University.

  • Winner of Best Student Animated Short at Palm Springs International ShortFest 2023, and official selection for 4 other festivals including Outfest and Leeds International Film Festival.

  • Responsible for all rough animation; co-responsible for story, storyboards, cleanup/color, and compositing.

  • (Responsible for all compositing included in this reel).

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